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Enya Discography (1987-2009) [FLAC]
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2013-01-15 16:39:33 GMT
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Enya Discography (1987-2009) [FLAC]

Birth Name: Eithne Ní Bhraonáin
Also Known as: Enya Brennan
Born: 17 May 1961 (age 51), Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland
Genres: Ethereal Wave, Celtic, World, New Age
Occupations: Singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, producer
Instruments: Vocals, piano, synthesiser
Years Active: 1982–present
Labels: Warner Bros., Reprise, Geffen
Associated Acts: Clannad, Moya Brennan, Brídín Brennan
Format: FLAC + Cover
Quality: lossless
Size: 6.03 GiB

Music List:
Studio Albums:
1987: Enya
1988: Watermark
1991: Shepherd Moons
1995: The Memory of Trees
2000: A Day Without Rain
2005: Amarantine
2008: And Winter Came...

Compilation Albums:
1992: The Celts (Enya re-release)
1996: The Enya Collection (3CD)
1997: A Box of Dreams (3CD)
1997: Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya
2001: May It Be [EP]
2002: Only Time The Collection (4CD Box Set + Enhanced CD)
2006: Amarantine (Special Christmas Edition)
2009: The Very Best of Enya


Thank you sooooo much
I finally got it..Thanks
Why in the hell would you make each cd one huge .flac file, learn how to rip.

The image format is acceptable and a universally preferred format by audiophiles seeking lossless music.

It seems it is you that needs to learn to rip, trans-code and tag what you acquire. That is not the job of the up-loader.

Try a little tact, and a dash of humility when addressing those that provide at no cost to you.

Many thanks to the up-loader.
Thanks so much!!! come on classhole, were getting this for FREE.
Rivers19, I applaud your even response to an individual whose post screams I HAVE A PERSONALITY DISORDER! IN FACT I HAVE MORE THAN ONE! I never complain because this stuff is GRATIS. & others take their time to share the music.

fuck those who wouldn't know shit from shinola when it comes to the merest whiff of how to behave in public....
I think you guys misunderstood what Classhole means. And yes, just as his name implies, what a a** hole. I bet he didn't check the torrent content and assumes that it comes with a one-album flac file.
gatasalvaje Thanks bro!!
BE WARNED: Single files for each album.

There's some debate below as to whether this is a good idea. It seems truly lazy to me. With any ripping program I've ever used, it's MORE work to tell it to rip the album as a single file, and there is the loss of individual track info. I decided just to delete the torrent rather than spend the hours necessary cutting each album into individual tracks. Everyday I'm shufflin' and this makes that impossible.
WARNING: Each album is a single file.

I don't know why someone would choose to rip it this way since it's actually MORE difficult to do it that way. Rather than spend hours cutting up the files, I just deleted the torrent. Fortunately, most of the albums are available as separate torrents, with the tracks separated as they should be. Everyday I'm shufflin' but this would make that impossible.
Confirmed - each album is a single giant file. While the format (FLAC) is great, the single file is ridiculous, as it makes selecting specific tracks impossible. Considering how many duplicate tracks there are across these albums, selecting tracks is very necessary. Why would I need 6+ FLAC versions (huge file size) of the same song without any difference between them? Not remastered, not remixed, exactly the same.

Grab the 320 kbps version instead, but not the 2009 Very best of album, and then DL the FLAC version of it.
Thank you kindly for this awesome torrent.
I have to agree with some of the comments. I thank you for the time to upload all this and I really appreciate but just as a friendly advice you will save tons of times to all of your followers downloaders if you could upload all songs as a separate Flac and not as a one big file especially for Discography where there are lots of albums. It took me an hour only to sort them all out but I am very experienced and have all the programs handy most others may not have them and I understand some wrong frustration. Thank you very much buddy. For all others that want to know a program to separate all the tracks use "Medieval CUE Splitter" and open the cue file that is inside each folder with it. Click on Split down the bottom and the game is done. Play with the settings to see what Tags u like most. FLAC are awesome and the only way to go! Peace and Prosper.