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2012-13 patch for FIFA 11 (from FIFA 13)
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2012-12-01 23:50:55 GMT

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2012-2013 Patch for FIFA 11
- Official EA squad-update from FIFA 13 (date: 16-11-12)
  (Auto-converted with selfmade program)
- newest & updated players: 
  updated accesoires, traits, hair & faces (only players with generic faces & hairs)
- 480+ new KITS
- 7900+ new mini-faces
- newest boots
- newest goalkeeper gloves
- new adboards
- new banner & flags
- updated countryflags, league- & teamlogos (where necesary)
- new trophy logo & pictures
- new startup & intro movie

Supported languages: english, Czech, dutch, french, german, hungary, italian, spanish (2X), portuguese, polish, russian

1. extract the data from the zip archive
2. copy to FIFA 11 folder (...FIFA 11game )
3. Start FIFA 11
4. Create new profile (old squads-savegame dont work anymore)

- if you make a backup of the 2 old files "" and "data0.big" you can easly switch between your old squads and new squads by copy them
- your old savegames dont work with the new squads
  (if you want to use them again: see note 1)
- Some new players that are being added may have small problems with their name or their heads when you play online
- career works, only small problems sometimes with transfer

pls leave your comments if there are any problems


for some teams ball seems missing, noticed that happens when i picked zenit
new squad update for FIFA 11 (from 06.12.2012):
- updated squads & players
- fix: ball linked to wrong team
- fix: missing heads
ten dodatek dziala tylko w oryginalnych?
You need to have FIFA 11 patch 1.01 (from ea) installed
Please seed it!
Thanks for such an awesome patch. But how did you manage to convert the Fifa 13 patch to Fifa 11 ?
@ tokke001 Have you edited any attributes of the players in the game or They are as default by EA.
Thanks in Advance mate :)
the textures (kits,boots,...) are extracted from the .big files the database converted with selfmade program in ms access
all the accessoires are as default of ea, only for barca i manualy checked the boots and attributes
@ tokke001 I have used your patch and played manager & couple of exhibition matches. Your works flawlessly mate. Thank you :)
new squad update for FIFA 11 (from 11.01.2013):
- updated squads & players
- fix: Missing stadium of Tottenham Hotspur
- fix: includes new players like Del Piero, Heskey, Ono, ...
- fix: Some jersey names being updated
- fix: Kit layout belgium pro league updated
It only crashes when I get in Fifa 11 -_-
What to do ?
It only crashes when I go in the Fifa 11
Please help !
1.install ea patch (1.01)
2.install this patch (2012-13)

if still crashes: (you may not have EU version?)
use a "fifa 11 regenerator 1.6" ->press "take care of files..."
Should work then
the games runs as smoothly as one expects. some notable changes after installing the patch:
1. some third kits old, like chelsea third kit is old one ans current white one with bluye patch is missing.
2. very rarely the game stops responding after transfer list is updated
3. when menu is displayed, then the arena with a player and GK in background has mostly blank and dark image, like nothing is there.
4. the player substitution takes a long time as the stadium crowd is displayed.
5. once in half time, the screen went blank and i has to Alt+F4 the progress.
6. the difficulty levels of teams are not real time and as with other games, the newly promoted teams are in the relegation zone from beginning itself not as in current premier league status. [this is awkward comment i know :D but i am giving all information.]

anyways, tokke thanks a lot for the you
one more bad change:

1. the injury or fowl list sometimes has wrong player name.
2. once torres was injured and it showed gary cahill crumbling on the ground with his name, and then torres was gone off the pitch and i was not sent to squad automatically for replacing the injured player. for a few minutes i did not know i was a man down, though torres was somewhere else on the pitch :D
new patch (+squad) update (v1.2) for FIFA 11:
hi tokke. just finished season one with your patch with chelsea. now in new season, after playing or simulating the fa community shield, the transfer list is loaded till 23% and crashes, again and again.

and plz use some high compression tool like freeArc for archiving and sharing in torrent. thanks dear.