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2009-12-15 20:36:08 GMT

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Loving this! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!
thx a lot!
Thanks Reloaded team and poster, been waiting for it :)
works great. thanks
I keep getting an infected file alert from AVG. I'm assuming it's a false positive. Anyone else getting this?
It's most likely a false positive , because AiTB is very trustworthy uploader , see his green skull , it's mean "VIP uploader" , so don't worry .
@whitephantom Oh hell yeah, I'm a total AiTB junkie, and Reloaded's one of the best groups, but better safe than sorry. :P
Unsatisfactory download speed of 36.2kB/s (using utorrent)
Thank you so much RELOADED!
Unrared into install dir, doubleclicked exe and... nothing happens. Same old Borderlands game appears.
Forgive me for sounding stupied but... have missed something?
When you activate Borderlands it appears like nothings changed , but all you need to do is load your last save game , go to the transport hub and choose destination "Jacobs Cove" and you're in , have fun.
Thanks whitephantom!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
*gives a giant cookie to RELOADED*
Please someone give the clues to install it for us the normal mortal people. DLC.exe seems not to work at all. I am trying for hours and can't find the way. Thank you in advance.
There is no installation at all , first you need working Borderlands (cracked) , then all you have to do is copy those folders and files that "AiTB" provided and overwrite them with existing one in your installation directory of the game . Finaly run the game with your old Borderlands.exe and thats it .
The DFA.dll thing is not a false positive. This file was not cracked by Reloaded and file size is different than that of the actual Reloaded torrent (the one that's in the RAR files). So be careful.
NVM. It was a false positive. I made AVG ignore the file and when it was done, I removed the exception and AVG came up clean. It just didn't like the partially completed file for some reason.
Works great with retail copy of Borderlands. Now I can play w/out the DVD, and w/out fucking securom telling me I have to uninstall alcohol 52%. Yet another sale lost to the use of securom.
Works flawlessly. Thanks!
I bought Borderlands at GameStop, will this still work?
whay is ith jumping aouth of the game all the time this is bugd its coming a protection bugg all he time fix ith pliz whay is ith h thoo me i se no one els haw the problem????????????
You are a god among men.
Umm... idk how to work this. Can anyone help mee pleasee??
And also, how do you open the DLC Setup?